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3 Card Poker Progressive Jackpot

Unlike Ultimate Poker, you need a minimum of 5 players at the table (not including the dealer) to start playing.


Three-card poker is played against the Bank.


Unlike Ultimate Poker, you need a minimum of 5 players at the table (not including the dealer) to start playing.

Object of the game: To make a hand using 3 cards of higher value than the dealer's.


How the game is played:

-To participate, you must bet ANTE and possibly PAIR PLUS.

-All bets, with the exception of PLAY, must be placed before the "Nothing goes wrong".

-Each square belongs to one player.

Combinations are not allowed.

-Blind squares must be surrendered if other players weigh in at the table.

-The player and the Banker each receive 3 cards dealt alternately (face up).

-The player consults his cards:

  1. a) either he bets the equivalent of his ANTE on PLAY.
  2. b) or "folds" and loses his bet.

-The dealer turns over his 3 cards and compares the hands.

-The dealer qualifies with a minimum of a DEAL.

-If the dealer qualifies but no suit is made, the payout is to the highest card.

-If the dealer does not qualify the PLAY is returned, the ANTE is paid at 1:1 and the player's cards are returned for payment or collection of the Pair Plus and Ante Bonus.


Pair Plus or ante bet:

The “Pair Plus” is an optional and independent bet from the dealer's hand.

Only the holder of the box is authorized to bet the “Pair Plus”.


Pair is paid 1 to 1
Color is paid 4 for 1
Third is paid 6 to 1
Berlan/three of a kind is paid 30 for 1
Third color is paid 40 for 1


Ante Bonus:

The "Ante Bonus" is paid when the player achieves one of the following 3 combinations:


Third party is paid once Ante
Three of a kind is paid 4 times Ante
Third color is paid 5 times Ante


The "Ante Bonus" is paid in the event of a tie, grain or loss.


Cards :

- Exchange of information between players is strictly forbidden.

- An improper number of cards in the player's hand will void all hands.

- If one or more cards are turned over, before the final bet:

o In the player's hand: the hand is maintained.

o In the dealer's hand: all hands are cancelled.


The winning reports are printed on the carpet in front of each player.


In the event of a dispute, the final decision will rest with the head of the room and will be final.


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