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Do you have a better hand than the croupier?

Beat the dealer!
Ultimate Texas Hold'em is a variant of Texas Hold'em that is played against the Bank with a deck of 52 cards.
Aim of the game: To build a hand using 2 cards combined with the 5 common cards.

How the game is played :

-To participate you have to bet on Ante and BLIND and possibly on TRIPS and/or PROGRESSIVE.
-The player and the Banker each receive 2 cards alternately (face down).
-The player consults his cards: either he bets his ANTE 3 or 4 times on PLAY or he "checks".
-The dealer draws the FLOP (first 3 community cards face up).
-The player can then either bet 2 times his ANTE on PLAY or "pass" (check).
-The dealer completes the BOARD (5 community cards face up).
-The player can either bet 1 time his ANTE on PLAY or "fold" (Ante and Blind lose).
-The dealer turns over his cards and pays or collects the bets.
-The dealer qualifies with a minimum of one pair.
-If the dealer does not qualify, the ANTE is returned and the highest card wins.
Trips are optional and independent of the dealer's hand.
The Trips are paid from three of a kind.
The player who "folds" keeps his TRIPS until the end of the game.

The Progressive is an optional and independent bet from the dealer's hand.
The Progressive wins only from the FLOP associated with the player's 2 cards.
The Progressive is paid from the Berlan.
The player who "folds" keeps his Progressive until the end of the game.

If a player wins the Progressive with a Flush or Royal Flush, players who also wager the Progressive will be entitled to the “Envy” even if they have lost or abandoned.
The player who wins the Progressive cannot cash “Envy” from their own hand.

All bets, with the exception of PLAY, must be placed before the “Rien ne va plus”
Each square belongs to one and the same player.
Associations are prohibited.
The “blind” boxes must be ceded if other players present themselves at the table.

Exchanging information between players is strictly forbidden.
An improper number of cards to the player/courier/common cards will void all hands.
Any card drawn in error and not exposed will be applied.
Pre-flop: If one or more cards are turned over, the hand will be void.
Common cards: any card turned over will be applied.

Payout reports are printed on the mat opposite each player.

In the event of a dispute, the final decision will rest with the head of the room and will be final.


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